Posture Matters

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Get Practical Advice on How to Identify, Prevent and Treat The Most Common Postural Issues including:

  • Rounded Shoulders
  • Flat Back Postures
  • Excessive Spinal Curves
  • Sway Back Postures
  • Text Neck
  • Plus a host of other resources, exercise handouts, infographics and posture checklists including:
  • How to Have Good Posture (and Why You Should Care)
  • 12 Benefits of Good Posture Factors That Can Affect Posture
  • A Morning Stretch Routine for Healthy Posture
  • How to Maintain a Good Posture While Seated
  • How to Maintain a Good Posture While Standing
  • How to Identify Your Own Posture And What to Be Aware Of With Each Posture
  • ‘Text’ Neck
  • Why Posture Matters Infographic
  • How to Set Up Your Desk for Optimum Posture Infographic